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Vivaticket go live with the Eiffel Tower to transform the commercial ticket distribution of the most visited monument in the world

Vivaticket is extremely proud to announce the Go-Live of its market-leading ticketing solution following an eighteen-month deployment process

Paris, December 6, 2019 - Vivaticket is extremely proud to announce the Go-Live of its market-leading ticketing solution following an eighteen-month deployment process that has energized the entire company.

With more than 6 million visitors per year, and daily peaks regularly exceeding 30,000 visits, the Eiffel Tower faced significant distribution and marketing challenges. So, in December 2017 it decided to acquire a new technological solution to manage the full spectrum of its commercial operations in order to meet, and exceed, the needs of its global family of visitors. The core objective was clear from the start. The aim was to totally transform the ticketing distribution (while ensuring the optimal performance of its points of sale and access control) by means of greatly increased control of distribution channels and 360-degree management of its inventory. After six months of consulting and assessing potential systems, the Eiffel Tower chose Vivaticket as its partner on this evolutionary journey.

For Vivaticket this was the start of a year and a half of adventures that mobilized a full-time team consisting of a head of project, project manager, product manager, and more than 60 developers, technicians, trainers, IT and R&D specialists. Across several thousand working days, and including the introduction of new development methodology centered around short cycles, the project’s success was driven by the synergy between the collaborating teams

The Vivaticket Solution:
A highly innovative management system that meets the twin challenges of optimizing and automating the internal processes of the Eiffel Tower, capable of dynamically managing ticket inventory between a large number of authorized resellers and automatic inventory transfer across a multitude of sales channels.
Agile API integrations providing real-time interfacing to all the Eiffel Tower's tools in order to ensure maximum flexibility and autonomy in orchestrating sales to the general public and resellers.
Test campaigns that with robust metrics to gauge the reliability of the solutions at each stage and ensure the absorption capacity of the simultaneous connection of a large number of users.
Bulk cancellations and refunds
Automated reports
Ongoing innovations including the integration of Chinese payment systems with WeChat and Alipay, planned for 2020, and the optimization of access controls by means of light scanners with control screens

Today this new ticketing solution developed by Vivaticket is used by more than 70 people across the Eiffel Tower’s sales and marketing and customer care teams. Vivaticket is immensely proud to support this ambitious transformation, built on a unique vision and pioneering know-how.

About Vivaticket
Vivaticket is one of the world's leading technology companies specializing in the creation, development and deployment of ticketing and access control solutions for companies operating in the cultural, leisure, attraction, entertainment, sport, trade show and Expo sectors. Its software solutions are recognized for their immense functional wealth and versatility, their robustness and reliability, and also for providing the complete and integrated management of all the commercial activities of their clients. Vivaticket has a truly global presence, with more than 2,600 clients across 50 countries, including world leaders in their field such as Walt Disney World, the Louvre Museum and FC Barcelona team. The company, headquartered in Bologna (Italy), employs 450 people and has a presence in 10 countries in Europe, Middle East, North America, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific.