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Investor Relations

Vivaticket is one of the world’s leading players in the design, production, marketing and management of sporting, cultural, exhibition and entertainment events as well as amusement and theme parks.

IPO and trends over the past few years

The Group has performed a considerable growth trend since the IPO on the Italian Stock Exchange, moving from 11.5 million euros in 2008 to over 80 million in 2017, highlighting a growth rate over 24% in the period.

Main economic and financial KPIs - 2013 - 2018

EBIDTA / Financial interests
Gearing Ration (NFP/Equity)
Leverage Ratio (NFP/EBIDTA)

Group’s Consolidated revenues

In the last fiscal year, the Group has mainly focused on the development of B2C activities, with particular emphasis on Live Entertainment and Sport segments in Italy, and carried on the consolidation process of Leisure and Cultural sectors, both in domestic and foreign markets. The Group confirms the willingness to achieve steady growth of B2C-related activities, which continue to be one of the key drivers of the Group’s growth strategy, starting from countries with a consolidated structure and presence.