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Event Management

Vivaevents is the event management company of Vivaticket group.

Thanks to its twenty years of experience in brand management, activation and corporate events, gained in the various markets in which it operates, Vivaevents has the necessary skills to support you in the best possible way in the management of your event.

From the design of a concept to the production and promotion of the event, from planning to communication, passing through advertising campaigns and staging: every single phase of the event can be entrusted to Vivaevents know-how and professionalism.

The perfect outcome of an event is the sum of all its parts: Vivaevents is a guarantee for your success.

Administrative office

Complete management of all aspects of the administrative office, oriented to both the event and the customer's business: from the compilation of the mailing list, to the sending of communications and DEM, from the press office to logistics, from hospitality to the final reporting.

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Organisation of conventions, meetings and B2B through a consulting approach and dedicated resources.

Vivaevents accompanies participants and speakers both during the event and in the previous and subsequent phases, building lasting relationships that can bring value to your business.

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Product launches

Organisation and complete production of the event, from the definition of the objectives and contents to the creation of the show for the participants, also through the selection and management of the artists.

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Exhibition stands

Vivaevents operates as a general contractor in the construction of exhibition stands, both small and large.

Design, production, logistics, assembly and disassembly, giving important value to the research and development of new concepts and materials.

The service includes the preparation of all the necessary documentation and the management of the relationship with the Fair Authority.

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Sets and technologies

Enhance the message you would like to convey and enhance the space where your event takes place thanks to a staging of a higher level: audio systems, videos, lights, innovative technologies are the tools used to create virtual environments, scenery and automation character. An indelible memory for the spectator.

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Creation, planning and organisation of roadshows, through the identification of itineraries, locations and set-ups, also using trucks, special vehicles and hospitality structures.

Coordination of all the various communication phases, before and after the event, on the basis of the target audience to involve.

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pr and press office

Vivaevents manages all aspects of public relations, both related to the event and to the client's business, creating effective and lasting connections, conveying information to the public and managing an open dialogue with the media.

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Marketing strategies

Design and implementation of marketing strategies for the design of a project to create the identity, values and image of a company, product or service, so that all elements are communicated in a relevant and distinctive way for the consumer.

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