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Thanks to the numerous resources scattered throughout the country,
Vivaticket offers high value-added personnel services.

Staffing services

Vivaevents is the event management company of Vivaticket group.

Throughout Italy, Vivaevents offers a high level of staffing service,
thanks to the numerous operating offices distributed throughout the country.

The company has over 20,000 employees carefully selected
for their preparation, reliability, experience and knowledge of languages.

Vivaticket manages these resources through a team of 500 experienced coordinators who, thanks to their long-standing experience and constant training, entrust, organise and manage the tasks of the employees.

Certified quality

Vivaevents is UNI 10891 certified for steward service in sports facilities with a capacity of more than 7,500 seats and ISO 9001:2008 quality certification, issued for personnel management services for reception and access control during sports events, live music concerts and amusement parks.

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Organisation of influx control, reception and verification of compliance services with the regulations of sports facilities, theatres, amusement parks, parking lots and any other types of venue.
In football facilities, personnel must hold a training certificate pursuant to the Ministerial Decree 08/08/2007 and subsequent amendments and addition.
Safety of the public, qualitative objective of the service, is also achieved through the performance of specific activities such as reclamation, filtering, pat-down (M.D. 28/07/2011).

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Organisation of services in compliance with the specific requirements of public security on the occasion of events of the types indicated in the Ministerial Decree 06/10/2009 for access control activities, access control, reception and regulation of flows in concerts or entertainment activities in places open to the public or in public establishments.

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Ticket office

Vivaevents offers ticket management services, carried out by highly qualified staff, thanks to years of experience in the most challenging operational contexts: from major fairs and events open to the public to the management of most Italian sports facilities, from concerts to exceptional events such as Champions League finals, Grand Prix, world sports championships.

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Organisation of high profile reception services, carried out by expert and constantly trained staff, both from the linguistic point of view and the relational skills necessary to manage different service targets.

Congresses, fairs, corporate events and product launches are just some of the realities in which Vivaticket has been operating for over 20 years, with professionalism and precision.

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Vivaevents offers simultaneous, chouchoutage, consecutive and liaison interpretation services in all the main European and non-European languages, including the supply of the necessary equipment.

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Vivaevents offers coat check services, luggage storage and clothing services, also with the supply of the necessary equipment or with the preparation of the warehouse at temporary locations.

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The management of bookshops is one of the activities that naturally complements the Ticket Service at museums, archaeological sites and cultural venues in general.
Vivaevents guarantees the complete coverage of the Service, from the management of the warehouse to the treasury, passing through the preparation of the showcases and the sales activities.

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