Money Card

Totally integrated with all of the system’s features and also available as an online service,
Money Card is key to giving your customers a truly unforgettable experience.
Turn your ticket into a veritable in e-wallet and live your cashless experience without a care in the world,
not least because you can link your ticket and Money Card with your favorite device:
your smartphone, the hotel key, an RFID wristband or, why not?, your fingerprint.


Transfer money on your Money Card at the teller, online or at an automatic pay station, and use your credit to buy goods, services or upgrades.

As you leave, check your balance and ask for any leftover money back.

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Check-out payment

Let the ticket be used to buy goods and services, with our without a max limit, even for several days on end.

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Hotel account

By linking your Money Card with your hotel account, you can buy goods and services without a care in the world, through real-time integration with the hotel’s management system.

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Turn your Money Card into a veritable e-wallet by linking it to your credit card. You can do that online, by selecting the option, or when you make your first buy at the ticket office or at the store.

You can cancel the authorisation at any time, even online, by logging in to your personal area.

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Create bespoke deals or discounts for Money Card holders, even in combination with existing customer deals.

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Offline scenario

Make the most of all the features of the Money Card,even offline, by managing the card balance directly on the RFID chip of your card, your wristband or your smartphone.

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Family tickets

With a family-friendly management of the Money Card, parents can transfer part of their budget to their kids’ accounts so they can be independent in their small personal expenses.

Expenses may be checked at any time, even online, and may be capped, or the authorisation can be cancelled at any time.

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