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Our achievements

Customer goals and ambitions are the driving force behind Vivaticket development of innovative technologies and know-how.

Investments, know-how and more challenging goals

Every ticketing market has different requirements, they all have their own target audience and their own market objective. This requires strong specialisation and the ability to adapt perfectly to its business models. Vivaticketis the only company in the world that has chosen to address, with its solutions, the demands of all markets. A challenge accepted and won, as demonstrated by the exceptional references that Vivaticketcan boast, having among its customers all the most important references of each of the markets in which it operates: from the Louvre in Paris to the Milan Fair, from F.C. Barcelona to Walt Disney World, from Vasco Modena Park to Expo 2015.

But this is not only for important customers: Vivatickethas made its technological know-how available to small and medium-sized customers, as demonstrated by more than 2,240 installations in 40 different countries.

Our customers are the true pillars of Vivaticket solutions.



Tickets sold in one day


B2B activated accounts per client


Private labels active for a single client


Check out points operational at the same time


Cash proceeds of one ticket office in one day


Attiver integrations per client


Accesses a day


Turnstiles operational at the same time


Hand-held devices operational at the same time

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Other success stories

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Vivaticket map

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